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27.3.2019 - 14:29 BBN - The World's B2B Agency

#1 in America!

Yes, it’s true: BBN is now number one in the US B2B Marketing top 12 international B2B marcom agencies league table. ID BBN is a founding member of BBN, a collaborative agency-owned organisation consisting of over a thousand B2B specialists in 29 countries working with over 300 clients in 23 different sectors. 

In the third edition of US B2B Agencies Benchmarking Report, B2B Marketing reveals the definitive rankings of America’s top 39 B2B marcomms agencies, as well as the sector's top global, fastest-growing, and leading PR agencies. 

Number two in the UK, number one in the U.S.—this is proof positive that we are major players in the global B2B marketing industry,” says Timo Kruskopf, Managing Director of ID BBN and a big supporter of the BBN organization since its early days. “This is what we’ve been working towards for over 30 years,” he says. “We’ve known our worth for some time, but still it’s nice to get that official recognition.”

Clif Collier, BBN’s Executive Chairman, echoes Kruskopf’s sentiment. “This recognition creates a far more sustainable position for BBN, and we are already seeing dramatically increased interest levels as a result of the ranking,” he reports. “We are delighted to see our marketing and business development efforts delivering bottom line results and we look forward to the exciting things the future has in store for our organisation.”

Working together, BBN’s combined advantage is significantly influencing what can be achieved when a business talks to another business. BBN is a full-service agency network spanning strategy, creative, technology and implementation. 

Today, you’ll find BBN partners in more than 29 countries around the world, successfully implementing international client projects across multiple territories.

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