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4.12.2018 - 11:40 Eija Väliranta

ID BBN: art, yoga & technology

2018 has been a year of growth for ID BBN—12 new people have come on board and the teams have been reorganized, reshaped and relocated accordingly.

The ID BBN office is situated in one of the landmark buildings by the riverside in Turku (Läntinen Rantakatu 3). After the second-floor office started getting crowded, the creative team, digital project managers, VP Susanna Juusti and office assistant Karin Tammi made a move downstairs. 

The bright and airy downstairs office space used to serve as an art gallery. It sure has a luxurious atmosphere with its high ceilings and huge windows. Art is not forgotten—quite the contrary. Designer Jaana Kähönen has created some unique digital design on canvas and the colorful prints delight the ID BBN crew and their guests. 


Our new downstairs office space

ID BBN's office is located in Turku's first electric power plant building.

Early on Thursday mornings, the downstairs office turns into a yoga studio (follow our morning yoga sessions and more on our instagram). With its newly gained strength and flexibility, the ID BBN crew is ready for 2019.

“ID BBN has a remarkable ability to combine technology, data and creative content in an agile way,” says VP Susanna Juusti. “When building teams, we make sure that each of these three cornerstones is represented. This way, our customers have access to expertise in all three areas.”

The ID BBN crew has not only learned some new asanas in 2018—we have a gone through a true transformation and adopted quite a few new moves and tools during the past eleven months.

“We have strengthened our services in marketing automation, predictive marketing, analytics, SEM/SEO and social media services,” says Juusti. “The synchronized marketing technology we use leverages data and allows us to get even closer to the user and their needs. This way, we are able to design the right kind of digital services and create a solid and coherent digital client experience.”

ID BBN has also practiced a new kind of proactivity over the course of 2018. The Vuoden Toimisto (Agency of the year) survey revealed that our customers want us to be more proactive. We took that feedback to heart, hosting ten all-day workshops which have been praised by our clients and customer leads. These team workshops have taken dialogue to the next level. “We will continue this successful practice next year too!” Juusti promises.


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