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5.3.2019 - 12:24 Carl Michener

BBN ranks #2

Most people who know ID BBN are aware that we form part of BBN, the World’s B2B Agency. Those who don’t can guess—it’s in our name!

So we were gratified to learn that BBN was listed as #2 on the list of the top 10 international marketing agencies. This was in the recently published B2B Agencies Benchmarking Report.

But what does that mean? We sat down with Timo Kruskopf, Managing Director of ID BBN, to find out.


CM: Timo, this sounds like a tremendous result. What’s its significance?

TK: Well, it means that BBN is a big dog internationally – not just in Finland, but also in Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Japan, Brazil, Canada and 21 other countries besides. It’s nice to have what we already know confirmed.


CM: I understand that this is a win from the point of view of gross revenue.

TK: Yes, it’s quantitative rather than qualitative. We are, however, in good company. The agencies listed are widely acknowledged as the top international B2B agencies. Value is not just something far away: with 8 million euros in turnover we are the biggest B2B agency in the Nordics too, with offices in all 4 capitals.


CM: BBN member agencies like ID BBN leverage the expertise of – and I quote from this year’s online brochure – “more than 1,000 experts who are able to put their specialist skills to good use for clients…working together, our combined advantage means we significantly influence what can be achieved when a business talks to another business.”  

How does that play out day-to-day?

TK: Very well. It’s only because of BBN that we can pitch and land clients like Dow, Lufthansa, Visma and VMware. These companies conduct marketing campaigns across many countries and require local finetuning and cultural adaptation. We need colleagues of a certain calibre, that we have worked with before, to execute correctly across borders, cultures and languages. As well, when you gather more great marketing brains together you tend to get better ideas and better results.



CM: What’s the downside?

TK: Well, every year we have to fly to places like Brazil and get together with our colleagues from around the world for workshops, awards, dinners and outings. It’s unbearable.


CM: It sounds like you’re planning on sticking with BBN for the time being.

TK: (Laughs.) Very funny. BBN is one of the secrets of our success. It’s like having a thousand trusted friends in addition to the half hundred inside our agency. There’s no B2B marketing situation that someone in our tribe has not mastered and wants to share. The others are great people, hard work, putting client goals first and Marketing Automation. Plus, BBN is baked into our name. If that isn’t commitment, I don’t know what is.


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Carl is a content strategist, storyteller and writer. He spent the past 20 years working in client-side and agency-side marketing in Toronto, Canada. A member of the ID BBN team since 2006, Carl’s passion is creating arresting campaigns that take audiences out of their comfort zones. Carl loves anything outdoors, especially adrenaline-inducing gravity sports, having fun with his two kids, the arts, and great fiction.

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