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22.11.2018 - 6:00 Markku Alikoski

Eloqua Sales Tools—get insights and tracking within Outlook!

Part of Oracle Eloqua’s Sales Enablement product portfolio, Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook enables sales teams to access rich buyer insights and relevant content, and track emails sent to prospects without having to leave their email platform of choice.

Discontinued 5 years ago and longed-for ever since, Eloqua for Outlook (Windows version only) has made a flashy comeback. The new incarnation is a snap to install and easy to use, and it comes with a delicious set of features. To begin with, it enables you to track your email opens and clicks without leaving Outlook. You can use any Eloqua email as a starting point with field merges and dynamic, personalized content intact. You can open the Eloqua profiler in any mail window, enabling you to view the full digital body language of any of your Eloqua contacts – even before you send your email. If the contact you’re emailing doesn’t exist in Eloqua, it can be added with a click.
To use Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook, you’ll need at least an Engage level Eloqua user account.

Here's how it looks: 

Need help setting up Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook? I would be happy to assist you!


Just send me an e-mail or give me a call.

Markku Alikoski
+358 40 571 8172


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