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25.4.2018 - 13:40 Julius Murtojärvi

Greetings from Chicago: Everything is possible!

The headline above contains the main message of the Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience Conference in Chicago this April. Everything is possible! And indeed, it seems that in today’s technologically driven marketing-world only the sky (and the budget) is the limit!

Even though trendy themes like ABM, AI and predictive marketing were still strongly featured in the conference sessions, we noticed that thoughts were moving back to the basics of marketing: how the brand makes you feel and what kind of experiences it offers. Product oriented marketing is so last season; rather than just selling products, you must think of what kind of ideas you’re selling.

B2B marketing is finally catching up on B2C and the division between the two seems to be fading. After all, decision makers are still humans and don’t magically turn into someone else on their way to work. The brand experience and the company's ability to adapt to status quo is everything and determines whether the customer stays loyal or not.

Using and utilizing AI in marketing activities is probably the hottest of trends right now. While most companies haven’t taken it into use yet or are taking baby steps on implementing it, some big brands have led the way and started to use it on a wide range of needs – like segmentation, lead scoring, predictive scoring and behavioral scoring. Basically, this implies sorting the data we’re all collecting and putting it into proper, truly automated use. Using AI to improve your marketing efforts is the next big thing after all the marketing automation buzz and really takes the automation to the next level.

The recurring theme of the Modern CX Conference was also to be legendary in everything what you do. When you become a hero to your customers, advocacy will follow. And that’s always a good thing to remember!

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