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20.6.2018 - 5:00 ID BBN

Hello from the other side!

New extraordinary people are joining our team almost every week! Some of them because of a truly unexpected event…

Our IT team accidentally opened a parallel universe portal, making the space-time continuum explode. This caused a genetic hassle that fused some of our employees into new people! We took these oddities on as summer interns that we will be introducing in the coming weeks, so prepare to meet them all on Instagram during this summer!

Here are the first two of our new interns we would like to introduce.

Meet Viri:

Say hello to our new employee Viri, a very caffeine-addicted lifeform whose company you might want to enjoy in small doses! Viri says (s)he never says “no” to anything, as life has so many wonderful things to offer. We believe you Viri!

PS. Just nod if Viri asks you to do something - there’s a slight chance (s)he might snap under pressure…

This energetic summer intern is a fusion out of our very own Creative Excellence Ville Murtojärvi and Senior Art Director Sari Jalava.

Meet Lara:

Breathe in – breathe out and then move on to the Halflord of the Fishes pose.”

Our newcomer Lara wanted to join our team to let his(?) highly spiritual energy splash out on us and help us enlargen our consciousness to unforeseen dimensions. Maybe later Lara, we have some work to do first!

Self Improvement Specialist Lara is fusion from our  Customer Lead Laura Heino-Laurila and Copywriter Lauri Lönn. 

Go to our Instagram to get to know more of our extraordinary professionals!


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