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Graafisen suunnittelun ammattilainen, Julius, on luova ja lahjakas moderni markkinoija. Hän tietää visuaalisen maailman trendit ja surffaa digitaalisen aallon harjalla. Blogissa hän ruotii ID BBN:n kilpailumenestystä ja ihmettelee mitä kaikkea uuttaa maailmalla tapahtuu.

Julius is a talented and creative graphic designer who is well acquainted with the most recent visual and digital trends. His blog posts focus on marketing contests and on all things new and noteworthy.


Greetings from Chicago: Everything is possible!

The headline above contains the main message of the Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience Conference in Chicago this April. Everything is possible! And indeed, it seems that in today’s technologically driven marketing-world only the sky (and the budget) is the limit! Even though trendy themes like...

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