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31.5.2018 - 5:00 ID BBN

Things we learned at Power Lunch

What things should you consider when buying marketing technology? How do use marketing as a service to improve the customer’s experience? These and many other questions were answered at the Martech Power Lunch last week!

Just as before, the latest Power Lunch hosted several inspiring speakers who shared best practices and offered a lot of useful insights. We listed a few key points and words of advice from our wonderful speakers for those of you who didn’t have the chance to participate! (To see the presentations, visit our YouTube channel!) Soon we will also publish Saara Taalas’ blog post about using marketing as a service, so keep your eyes open!

Professor Saara Taalas:

  • Marketing as a Service means that your company offers content and services to solve real life problems
  • Try to be present in your customer's real-life situations and predict beyond the touch points
  • Don’t overlook women – they are a particularly hard audience and actually make the majority of everyday purchases!
  • As your contacts don’t spend that much time with your marketing content, it’s really hard to get attention: That makes for an excellent reason to ensure your offer is truly relevant!
  • Tame the technology your customer is using – no-one really desires complex tech problems!
  • Don't treat data as a real person! Data is more like Facebook updates – revealing only a few chosen things!

Robin Wikström, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence at F-Secure:

  • Don’t be scared. Developing a data-driven customer journey will take time,
    but changing the culture will take even longer.
  • Data is not the solution, it’s the fuel. The data should be analyzed by experts and they are the ones who should come up with insights, not the analysts.

Hanna Vesenterä, Marketing Director at Atea:

  • Stop planning, start doing. It's okay to make mistakes.
  • The driver for using marketing automation should not be technology alone, but the desire to create a superior customer journey.
  • If you want to build an effective martech ecosystem, your marketing team has to co-operate with sales.
  • Atea’s ecosystem is called the Customer Life Cycle Engine, because all operations are aligned with various parts of the customer journey.
  • You need to ensure the data you are collecting is moving forward in the ecosystem.

Henrik Lagercrantz, VP, Technical Excellence at ID BBN:

  • Call your "marketing technology stack" a “customer experience stack” instead:
    Tie each stage of the stack to a specific touch point in your buyer journey - familiarity increases understanding.
  • You can reach your goals only by understanding where you are now, by creating a vision and an execution plan
  • To master the end result, you need to understand the components with which the customer experience stack process is run
  • Hot topics in CX stack management:
  • Agile marketing management methodology
  • Cloud based & Best-in-class solutions
  • DevOps & MarDev practices
  • Data & insight-driven stack orchestration

Watch all presentations from ID BBN's YouTube channel

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