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4.9.2018 - 7:00 Matti Aalto-Setälä

#PowerAW – an inspirational get-together for modern marketers

The marketing automation idea group, also called Power After Work, starts with a new concept this fall. Come meet us every last Friday of the month at 4 pm in Helsinki to discuss Marketing Automation!

Do you work with marketing automation and want to grow and develop as a modern marketer? PowerAW is created for you! Every last Friday of the month we invite a guest to present one of their automation related challenges. In the relaxed after work setup the participants can discuss the challenge, ask questions and ask for advice. The informal group has previously for example discussed marketing automation onboarding, what kind of programs they have created and how they plan to use marketing automation after the onboarding process.

When: Every last Friday of the month at 4 pm
Where: Why join the navy when you can be a pirate, Eerikinkatu 5, Helsinki


Here are the dates and topics for this fall:

Friday 28th September: 3rd party data- the holy matrimony of data and marketing- Antti Kastén, Oracle
Friday 26th October: Guest and topic will be announced soon
Friday 30th November: Guest and topic will be announced soon


Be there and be inspired!


PS. Use #PowerAW for social media posts from the event


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Data Management
Data-Driven Decision Making
Drivers to Success
Marketing Automation Strategy
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Digitalisaation keskipisteessä oleva Matti kirjoittaa näkemyksistään tämän päivän markkinoinnista. Matti auttaa päivätyönään Suomen parhaita yrityksiä modernin markkinoinnin ihmeellisessä maailmassa. Yötyönään hän vetäytyy studioonsa musiikin vielä ihmeellisempään maailmaan. Ennen vanhaan markkinoinnissa ei ollut kyse teknologiasta – eikä ole nytkään. Kaiken keskiössä on asiakas ja hänen tunteensa. Asiakkaiden kokemus on pyhä asia.

Being at the center of digitalization, Matti writes about his views on today’s marketing. In his day job Matti helps top Finnish companies succeed in the marvelous world of modern marketing. During night time, he retreats to his studio to engage in the even more wonderful world of music.

Previously marketing was not about technology - nor is it today. At the heart of everything is the client and his or hers feelings. The customer's experience is a sacred thing.

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