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31.7.2018 - 11:39 Carl Michener

Smart summer reading

Ah, summer. Time to relax, unwind…and brush up on a bit of marketing best practice. We intend to do these professional development type of things during the rest of the year, but this workthing keeps getting in the way. 

Have a look at three short curated blog articles—just the thing to keep you in the swing of things and help you with September planning. 

Make It Easier to Make Up One’s Mind
Learn about Marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) and the outstanding customer experience that it delivers. MaaS can help us prioritize, gain more personal space, be more present and find balance for on and offline connectivity.

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The CMO's Role, Expanded. Yikes!  
Is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role changing? You bet it is. There are two main trends driving this: ever-increasing pre-purchase customer research, and the preeminence of the customer experience. Discover a panoply of new expectations for CMOs.

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Nordics & Marketing Automation: Behind the TimesOr Just Clever?
We conducted a survey together with to identify marketing automation trends in the Nordics. On average, we are two years behind the UK, but that’s not such a bad thing. Find out why.

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Artificial Intelligence
Customer Experience
Data-Driven Decision Making
Marketing Automation Strategy
Predictive Marketing
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