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30.11.2018 - 11:31 ID BBN

Get energized: take your kids to work


Friday the 23rd of November was international Take Your Kids to Work Day. I hadn´t had the pleasure of taking my kids to work before, but this year our admin team informed us that we at ID BBN would participate in this event.

Our Digital Project Manager and the person responsible for HR, Saara, was the one who had the idea to participate in the event.

“We understand that the people who work here have loved ones and different kinds of interests in their lives.  What could be more important to them than their kids?” asks Saara. “Nothing. That is why we want them to be a big part of the work we do here. We want them to feel good, creative and happy.”

Great, that sounds brilliant, but I must admit that I did make a small mistake regarding this day. That being the fact that I told my 5-year-old daughter about it a week beforehand. It meant that we didn’t really talk about anything else during the week.

“So, dad, grandpa will drop me to your workplace after how many nights?” she kept asking. I didn’t mind it really, since it worked as a perfect training session for Christmas.

But to my surprise, I noticed that I was looking forward to this event just as much as she was.  ‘What is she going to think about the place dad is working?’ ‘Does she find the job even remotely interesting?’ These were just some of the thoughts that kept me up at night (well, not really). But I was a bit nervous, that I must admit, since 5-year olds tend not to sugar coat anything.




Luckily, I was nervous for no reason. When Friday came and the kids arrived at our office, it was a blast from the get-go. We had 11 new ‘employees’ from 2 ½ to 12 at our office and every one of them was extremely interested in learning about the work we do here.

Our teams had prepared different kinds of tasks for the kids. While they completed their tasks, they would learn about the work that our teams do. We, the copywriters, had created a task where the kids could tell a story with pictures, since our job is often to collect pieces of information in order to deliver coherent and compelling stories. Art directors had pen tablet at their spot, so the kids were able to do their own illustrations and art work and print them out afterwards. Customer leads had a puzzle solving task, since that’s what their job sometimes consists of.

Two hours went by amazingly fast and when it came time to say thank you and good night, our office was filled with re-energized people. One thing I learned from the experience is that bringing your kid to work will give you a unique experience. It was great to see lights sparkling in my daughter’s eyes when she got to see what dad does for a living.

This two-hour visit was just about enough to give a short glimpse of the work we do here. Next time I will take her for a deeper dive into the world of copywriting and introduce her to the amazing realm of PowerPoint presentations. Can´t wait.

Lauri Lönn


Drivers to Success
Modern Marketer
Persuasive Content
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