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30.5.2018 - 13:44 ID BBN

Young award-winning talent

Tommi Selander is a 24-year-old 3rd year student at the Turku University of Applied Sciences majoring in Marketing Design. He was looking for a traineeship that would help him develop his skills in modern visual marketing. The digital marketing aspect was the reason he chose ID BBN for his traineeship. However, we at ID BBN had no idea what a talent we have on our hands.

"We have young talent at ID BBN that we are proud to gloat about!"

This month Tommi and his fellow student were awarded winners of the Ad profit Junior competition! The team planned a marketing campaign for Valio’s lactose free products for the Spanish market.
The entry was chosen because of its clear beneficial relevance for the consumer and the overall concept that was delivered in Spanish.

Look out Modern Marketers – Tommi is definitely one to keep your eye on!     




Modern Marketer
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