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5.2.2019 - 14:30 Eija Väliranta

Smart winter break reading

Time to relax, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa after a ski trip…and brush up on a bit of marketing best practice.  Have a look at four curated blog articles – just the thing to keep you in the swing of things.


Halve your IT vulnerability in 5 steps
“We live in a world in which the security landscape changes very quickly and where information security is paramount. The one constant in the ongoing security arms race is that our greatest security vulnerability remains human error, responsible for 68% of incidents.”
Darren Richardson, Back-End Coder and System Administrator, ID BBN

Read what steps you should take in order to diminish your IT vulnerability >>


Protesting against the Cliché
“Sadly B2B marketing is still adorned with cringe-worthy clichés that company executives are approving!”
Annette Fernandes-Poyser, BBN

See the top 20 overused business marketing clichés Annette has listed >>


10 questions you should ask B2B agencies pitching for your business
“Here is a list of questions that you should definitely consider asking if your business has an international marketing strategy.”
Clif Collier, BBN Central

Check out Clif´s lis t>>


4 Steps to Future Proof your Marketing Plan
“The traditional sales funnel is dying – you need to create an omnichannel strategy.”
Haley Ruddle, Content Specialist, Fifth Ring, BBN

Read more and stay one foot ahead >>


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I am a perpetual student and right now the subject of my interest is AI. The notorious Elements of AI course by Helsinki University and Reaktor whetted my appetite for learning and I was very proud to be one of the first ones passing the course this summer. Now I am constantly looking for the joy of eureka moments when something that may have been complicated and mysterious becomes simple and if not self-evident, at least comprehensible.
I believe the significance of AI in our lives is constantly growing. Now is the perfect time to dive deep into the world of AI.


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