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Content is King

Content is king. Without good content—the things you create that people read, watch or hear—you have a nicely designed website that won’t hold peoples’ attention. Or social media messaging that no one pays attention to. But what exactly is content? There’s a misconception that ‘content’ has to be...

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Working and learning at ID BBN

Front-end Developer Huy Thanh ‘Nick’ Nguyen is one year away from receiving his Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Information and Communication Technology at Turku University of Applied Sciences. However, he is already working and learning at ID BBN almost full time. His hours are flexible, which...

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ID BBN is situated in the first power plant of Turku

  The headquarters of ID BBN is located at Läntinen Rantakatu 3. The building originally housed the first electric power plant in Turku. It was built by G. A. Petrelius and designed by master builder Anton Salviander. The building drawings date back to 1898, when it was built as a...

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We all hear talk about how important the customer experience is and we probably think we are doing a good job with it. A good customer experience drives sales and makes your customers more loyal to your brand.  But do you know how your marketing ecosystem affects your customer experience? Let me tell...

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From Student to…Hired!

    Data Scientist trainee Robert Nygård, 26, is now part of the ID BBN Predictive Marketing Team. Nygård, who used to live in Tammisaari and Parainen, moved to Turku when he started studying at Åbo Akademi in 2013. – About a year ago I learned from my study group's Facebook group that there might be...

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ID BBN’s marathon craze

ID BBN's dedicated army of runners has started packing the tracks and trails of Turku. The goal is no less than a half or a full marathon this summer or a year later. Participation in marathons, ultra-marathons, triathlons and other competitive endurance sports has skyrocketed over the past few...

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#1 in America!

Yes, it’s true: BBN is now number one in the US B2B Marketing top 12 international B2B marcom agencies league table. ID BBN is a founding member of BBN, a collaborative agency-owned organisation consisting of over a thousand B2B specialists in 29 countries working with over 300 clients in...

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