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Tero as a Service (TaaS)

Everybody wants Tero. That's why we decided to lease him out.  Thank you Tero for the excellent training! You presented everything in a clear and understandable manner.  -ID BBN customer feedback- Marketing Automation Specialist, Eloqua Master and Digital Marketing Multi-Tool – those are just a few...

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Agency of the Year Survey 2019 – this is what we learned

Your voice has been heard! The Agency of the Year survey is our most important feedback channel. We make use of the information we receive from it to develop our operations. ID BBN's board of directors and management team always go through the research report carefully and set clear goals for our...

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BBN ranks #2

Most people who know ID BBN are aware that we form part of BBN, the World’s B2B Agency. Those who don’t can guess—it’s in our name! So we were gratified to learn that BBN was listed as #2 on the list of the top 10 international marketing agencies. This was in the recently published B2B Agencies...

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The 7 steps B2B companies must take to achieve Predictive Marketing

“What elements need to be in place before starting a predictive marketing program?” We get asked this question a lot. Predictive marketing is all about good data quality, so a better question is, “How do I make sure my marketing processes and technology generate high quality data?” Graphic: Key sales...

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Every Monday: Breakfast, ID BBN style

Monday morning is one of the busiest mornings at ID BBN’s Turku office, since we have our weekly office meeting at 9:00 sharp. But the busyness (pun intended) starts way before that. Each team has a breakfast shift early Monday morning, every six weeks. This innocent-sounding coffee & tea with bread,...

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Smart winter break reading

Time to relax, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa after a ski trip…and brush up on a bit of marketing best practice.  Have a look at four curated blog articles – just the thing to keep you in the swing of things.   Halve your IT vulnerability in 5 steps“We live in a world in which the security landscape...

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Predictive Marketing Guidelines: Easier Than You Think

Most marketing professionals know that predictive marketing can produce dramatic improvements in business performance: reduction in customer acquisition cost (CAC), increased customer lifetime value (CLV) and lower churn. But still, they hesitate to take it seriously. Why? We’ve been wondering about...

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