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We sat down with ID BBN’s Managing Director, Timo ‘The Oracle’ Kruskopf, to discover the secrets of a superlative digital customer experience. What we found was a whole lot of common sense backed up with the right technology.    The digital customer experience is getting a lot of attention these days....

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Halve your IT Vulnerability in 5 Steps

The world of information security is, arguably, the fastest evolving sector of the IT industry.  It is no exaggeration to state that new exploits are written every day, and the InfoSec community responds to these threats with no less rapidity. As the field continues to evolve, we can rarely go a few...

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ID BBN: art, yoga & technology

2018 has been a year of growth for ID BBN—12 new people have come on board and the teams have been reorganized, reshaped and relocated accordingly. The ID BBN office is situated in one of the landmark buildings by the riverside in Turku (Läntinen Rantakatu 3). After the second-floor office started...

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Get energized: take your kids to work

  Friday the 23rd of November was international Take Your Kids to Work Day. I hadn´t had the pleasure of taking my kids to work before, but this year our admin team informed us that we at ID BBN would participate in this event. Our Digital Project Manager and the person responsible for HR, Saara, was...

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A big welcome to Eija Väliranta! Eija is ID BBN’s newest copywriter and resident Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert, a media and marketing professional with over 20 years in communications. She is excited to have joined the team at ID BBN. “I really like it here,” she says. “The atmosphere is very...

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Eloqua Sales Tools—get insights and tracking within Outlook!

Part of Oracle Eloqua’s Sales Enablement product portfolio, Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook enables sales teams to access rich buyer insights and relevant content, and track emails sent to prospects without having to leave their email platform of choice. Discontinued 5 years ago and...

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ID BBN is becoming a salesforce consulting partner

Yes, we’re becoming a registered Salesforce consulting partner. What does that mean? It means that we’ve reached a very high level of expertise in the setup and use of Salesforce. In other words, we can help you up your game. ID BBN can provide advanced training; support your existing user base;...

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