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11.5.2017 - 14:21 Markku Alikoski

Content marketing tool for big publishers

Oracle Content Marketing Cloud makes large scale, multi-channel publishing a snap.

Oracle Content Marketing Cloud, previously Compendium, is meant for co-ordinating large-scale, multi-channel marketing operations. The program concept is based on 5 P’s (Plan, Produce, Publish, Promote and Prove).

For example, a marketing manager may order certain kinds of content from her producers, using a pre-defined workflow including scheduled production and approval steps, and the content can be published automatically. Each content type can have its own workflows and user roles associated. Content types can be created on-demand easily.

The publishing engine includes:

  • A blog hosting platform with a powerful template setup for managing one or many blogs
  • Social media content promoting (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook)
  • Integrations to marketing automation systems (Eloqua, Responsys and Salesforce Marketing Cloud) for email and landing page content
  • WordPress publishing
  • Content channels, intranet-like central repository for all sales materials, PDFs, charts, product image banks, ad-banners etc.
  • Very good APIs for custom integrations

The app has an SEO keyword optimizing helper and it supports buyer personas with individual customer journeys. It also integrates with translation services like Lionbridge. A marketing calendar makes orchestration of large campaigns manageable. The built-in analytics portal follows the production process and audience engagement in detail and as a whole.

Due to flexible, built-in integration capabilities, the content production process can be managed using just one dedicated application. Because content production usually involves co-operation between a company’s own employees, contractors and partners, it is good that they only need to learn one single, shared application.

Oracle Content Marketing Cloud is meant for large, multi-lingual companies with high publishing needs that already use marketing automation. Having a well-defined content strategy is also mandatory. Our certified specialists will gladly help you with implementation!


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Modernin markkinoinnin taustalla on huikean monimutkaista järjestelmäarkkitehtuuria, jossa tieto viuhuu järjestelmästä toiseen liki reaaliaikaisesti. Vaikka koneisto on kimurantti, sen suunnitteluperiaatteet eivät sitä ole. Modernit tietojärjestelmät rakennetaan paremman asiakaskokemuksen varaan, ja yksi automaation tehtävistä on helpottaa asiakkaan, markkinoinnin ja myynnin arkea. Näistä asioista kirjoittaa Markku.

Vapaa-aikansa Markku viettää 11-vuotiaan tyttärensä varttumista seuraten. Markun harrastuksia ovat ruuanlaitto, viinit, musiikki ja pelaaminen.

Modern marketing is underpinned by tremendously complex system architectures where information transfers from one system to another almost in real time. Even though the machinery is somewhat tricky, its design principles are not. Modern information systems are built to improve the customer experience. One of the tasks of automation is to facilitate the everyday life of the customer, as well as marketing and sales. These are some things that Markku writes about.

Markku, spends his spare time with his 11-year-old daughter. His hobbies include music, good cuisine and wines.

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