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17.4.2019 - 12:39 ID BBN

From Student to…Hired!



Data Scientist trainee Robert Nygård, 26, is now part of the ID BBN Predictive Marketing Team. Nygård, who used to live in Tammisaari and Parainen, moved to Turku when he started studying at Åbo Akademi in 2013.

– About a year ago I learned from my study group's Facebook group that there might be jobs available at ID BBN for those interested in data science, Robert says.

Robert contacted ID BBN to inquire if he could work on his Master's thesis within the company and was positively surprised when ID BBN offered him a permanent job as well as an invitation to complete his Master’s thesis here at ID BBN.

In addition to his day job, Robert worked with his supervisor, Henrik Lagercrantz, to find a topic for his Master’s thesis that would also benefit ID BBN. Finally, they settled on ‘AI-Assisted Lead Scoring’.

After graduating, Robert will have a Master of Science in Economics, with a minor in Marketing and Economics. All of his optional courses are related to data science or programming. The main task of a data scientist is to analyze the data of organizations:

– You can end up as a data scientist in many different ways. The work itself requires extensive expertise, particularly in coding and statistics. Creative thinking is also needed because in the idea phase you need to plan what kind of information you want to obtain from the existing material and how to implement information retrieval.

Robert, who had previously worked as a technical support assistant, appreciates the flexibility of ID BBN.

– Achieving set goals is more important than working hours counted by the minute. At ID BBN, employees are given responsibilities, so everyone can really show their skills and be proud of their work. I can warmly recommend ID BBN as a great employer.

Robert's Master’s thesis is almost complete. If everything goes according to plan, we will have a brand new Master of Science at the end of May.

At ID BBN we have data scientists, Martech experts, creative designers, copywriters and project managers. Amongst other specialists. We are always interested in skilled and highly motivated experts. Please check out our open positions.

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