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Working and learning at ID BBN

Front-end Developer Huy Thanh ‘Nick’ Nguyen is one year away from receiving his Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Information and Communication Technology at Turku University of Applied Sciences. However, he is already working and learning at ID BBN almost full time. His hours are flexible, which...

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The 7 steps B2B companies must take to achieve Predictive Marketing

“What elements need to be in place before starting a predictive marketing program?” We get asked this question a lot. Predictive marketing is all about good data quality, so a better question is, “How do I make sure my marketing processes and technology generate high quality data?” Graphic: Key sales...

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Predictive Marketing Guidelines: Easier Than You Think

Most marketing professionals know that predictive marketing can produce dramatic improvements in business performance: reduction in customer acquisition cost (CAC), increased customer lifetime value (CLV) and lower churn. But still, they hesitate to take it seriously. Why? We’ve been wondering about...

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Need a Modern Marketing cookbook for 2019?

The turmoil in marketing accelerates. It’s putting pressure on top level decision making in marketing departments once again. Old recipes do not work. To keep the engine boiling, you have to hold onto clear key objectives – the classic KISS strategy applies. So what does the CMO menu look like for...

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Power lunch 9th October - Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Marketing Edition

  Take a quick briefing in a minute – or a 10 minute deeper dive   The Intelligent Future: AI & Business Today and Tomorrow It was a pleasure to have Mr. Antti Merilehto as a keynote speaker at the ID BBN Power Lunch on Tuesday the 9th of October. Mr. Merilehto´s journey to artificial intelligence and...

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Existing data predicts customers’ future needs

There’s a lot of talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence. But most companies can’t see what purpose they serve. Companies have a lot of customer-related data like billing information, sales figures, support requests, leads, marketing communications responses and so forth. The data has...

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Predictive Marketing Adds Value to Many Business Processes

Predictive marketing is a powerful tool, and the ability to understand its implementation and use is quickly becoming a mandatory requirement for all CMOs. Related blog post: What is Predictive Marketing If you have systematically collected data from your contacts and customers, you can use predictive...

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Smart summer reading

Ah, summer. Time to relax, unwind…and brush up on a bit of marketing best practice. We intend to do these professional development type of things during the rest of the year, but this workthing keeps getting in the way.  Have a look at three short curated blog articles—just the thing to keep you in...

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Introduction to Predictive Marketing Analytics

Predictive Marketing is the process, tools and rules for applying predictive analytics to making marketing and sales decisions. The objective of Predictive Marketing is to anticipate which marketing and sales actions will most likely lead to the desired customer behaviour and to carry out those...

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