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12.4.2018 - 7:00 ID BBN Guest writer

The Nordics Marketing Automation is two Years Behind the UK Market

To help B2B marketers in the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland), we ran a survey together with to identify how the region is performing and what the future could hold. The Nordics MA Sophistication Index 2018 was run in November 2017 and 88 Nordic B2B marketers responded to it.


The key finding was that the Nordic countries are playing catch up to marketing automation within more advanced markets. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing: it’s allowing late adopters to learn from the mistakes of others. Nordic B2B marketers are generally more pleased with their marketing automation platforms than UK marketers were two years ago.



Here are some of the other findings:


Almost all B2B companies will implement some kind of marketing automation solution by 2020

According to the survey about 50% of Nordic B2B companies have put some kind of marketing automation solution in place and by 2020 the penetration rate is 90%. It is clear that marketing automation is a strategic process and you need technology to help facilitate and run that process. 


Marketing automation increases productivity

This survey demonstrates that only half of marketing automation features are systematically used. Marketing automation platform is the central point of master marketing contact data management, customer engagement orchestration, internal collaboration, and data gathering. Systematic use of marketing automation frees up time from operational tasks for higher-level strategic planning.

Data and platform integration is still the biggest issue

Integration is still the biggest issue. Many companies have integrated CRM and marketing automation platforms but still fail to run the processes in the optimum way. The problem seems to be, not whether the integration is done, but how it is done. The reason for this could be that the platforms are connected without taking the sales and marketing process requirements into account. Data dumping rarely works.


Predictive marketing is way behind the leading markets

According to the survey only 10% of respondents use predictive marketing analytics. In more advanced marketing automation markets, like the US and UK, predictive analytics is part of every day operation. Can we afford to be left behind here in Scandinavia?


Download the survey summary and find out how other Nordic B2B companies are using marketing automation and what kind of challenges they have.


About the writer: 

Matti Airas is a consultant in predictive data-driven marketing and customer experience. He has previously worked for the customer experience feedback analysis company Etuma and for Nokia in the U.S. His passion is figuring out how to use data to solve business problems.

Matti enjoys writing, podcasts (especially on U.S. politics), golf, long walks with his wife and Jack Russell Terrier, and any kind of skiing.


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